Chrysler Transmission Service & Rebuild

If you drive a modern Mopar or Chrysler and looking for a smooth change gear-to-gear on your transmission, or you wish to maintain your weekend mauler then you need to ensure it is maintained by service at its correct intervals.

Pending the type of vehicle/ transmission combination you may have we recommend you service your transmission every 20,000km's to ensure it is operating efficiently.

A transmission service includes:

1. We test drive the vehicle prior to servicing We always invite our clients to join us on the test drive so we can get any feedback on problems or abnormalities they may have experienced in the past regarding their transmission.

2. We inspect the transmission on the hoist Our qualified technicians will then hoist your vehicle and compose a full inspection of the transmission, focusing and reporting any leaks, or loose / missing items. If we find any of concern to your transmission, no additional work will be performed unless fully authorised by the client.

3. Replacement of transmission fluid, fluids filter, pan gasket We use genuine factory recommended fluids which won't void your new car manufactures warranty.

4. Adjustment of transmission bands (if required) Your transmission bands can wear over time, and adjustment of the bands will ensure a smooth change of gears on your automatic transmission. This is another great reason to get your transmission serviced and inspected by South West Automatics.

Latest Technologies

SWA use the very latest in diagnostic equipment to provide customers with exceptional service even in solving those hard to find problems that can often occur. Whilst your transmission is being serviced (usually takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour*) you can relax in our waiting area.

Chrysler Transmission Parts

Chrysler Transmission Rebuilds

Transmission Rebuilds

All our Automatic Transmissions are put though a step-by-step dismantling & assembly procedure.

First we dismantle the transmission unit to its bare core, then thoroughly clean & inspect the unit before reassembling all parts with Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) parts to factory blueprint specifications.

Unless we are preparing one of our race transmissions were most parts are custom & tolerances are improved.

Chrysler Transmissions Rebuilds

Chrysler Performance Cars & Race Transmissions

We cater for all performance transmissions, whether it being a weekend street car or an all out race car.

We modify our transmissions from your mild upgrade, to reverse pattern full manual valve body, to the all out transbrake set up. 

Chrysler Performance Cars & Race Transmissions

Servicing & Rebuilding Chrysler our passion

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